These are some samples of our work – there are many more samples in our studio.

A rare peach colored sapphire set in 18K rose gold. The hand bead set halo has diamonds on the top and underside. The double prong settings are often called eagle claws because they are polished to long thin points. The band has tiny diamonds set on all 3 sides. Minimal metal, maximum stones.
The Vasquez rocks in California are the amazing rock formations which inspired the background scenery in the Cars movie. In this ring I worked from a panoramic photo to create a seamless design in 18K yellow gold all around this dramatic ring. The frame is white gold which I darkened to resemble the evening silhouette.
An enormous 25.6 carat deep purple amethyst cabochon is partially enveloped in asymmetrical swirls. The front and back are equally beautiful making this piece reversible. Bold in both scale and impact with a soft, fabric-like quality to the metal makes this pendant wearable everyday.
I always listen to the client. The receiver of this curvilinear engagement ring worked in fashion and wanted her ring to never catch on fabric but also wanted oppositely curved shapes. The diamonds go all the way around the ring in a very smooth rounded open setting.
I very much like to use texture to give a man's ring a rough masculine feel. This style I call a "chisel texture." Each divot is individually cut out randomly. Inside engraving was done and then the ring was heated to naturally darken the surface.
Swirls of alexandrites, spinels, and tsavorites in dainty patterns of openwork give this necklace a vintage feel. The palette of 18K yellow and rose gold compliments the very intricate metalwork and showcases the gems.
Sapphire wave engagement ring. Well protected 1.33 carat conflict free stone for a very active lifestyle.
18K yellow gold and 14K white gold are precisely cut and fitted to represent the downtown skyline.
This old European cut diamond is not round. Placing it in a very balanced design has our eye follow the outside lines first, which minimizes the off-round inner shape. Gently curved and made to sit flat the, 2.33 carat diamond is showcased in a modern way.
This unique square cushion halo surrounds a .60 carat diamond. This particular size of diamond has the most reasonable price for a super clean VVS1 clarity. All the side stones always match in color and clarity. The band is squared and balanced in my signature design. All done in platinum.
Turquoise inlay done as an exact duplicate of this client’s lost ring.
This 12mm Tahitian peacock colored pearl seems to be falling out of its 18K yellow gold basket. Refined in feel, the scale is delicate and open with the lines curling naturally into a hidden bail in the back and terminating with a tiny diamond in a swirl.
Celestial design looks forward to the future. This ring with its dark moon, black and white stars flowing in their celestial orbs is the cutting edge of jewelry design. Bold and monochromatic with black and white diamonds and a Tahitian black pearl set in white gold. The lines of the ring are very dramatic and futuristic. Filled with symbolism, it is personal and makes a contemporary statement
The customer wanted a Celtic ring that looked authentically from the year 800. This is a hand knotted 18K rose gold braid without end. The texture is hammered and distressed and repeatedly heated to naturally age and darken the ring. The result looked like found Celtic treasure.
A marquise cut emerald is set across the horizontal axis. In 18k white and yellow gold, this formal cross echos the inspiration of old European charm. Elaborately decorated with a plethora of diamonds, it is precious, iconic, and sanctified.
Rose gold has a beautiful warm color. A challenge is to find the right center stone that really pops. This darker more intense rose colored sapphire does just that. 4 horizontally set purple diamonds provide a pleasant surprise. My signature cushion halo set on a diagonal gives the ring a more delicate touch. The client requested a satin texture on the side of her ring to match and compliment what is on his ring. It is a lovely touch.
22K yellow gold is a beautiful material to work with. I hammered this ring on one side to give it a rough granite look contrasted with a high polished edge. The center is a custom cut pink tourmaline from San Diego County. This ring is 100% made in California with Californian materials.
I have a large selection of gemstones to choose from. This hot pink sapphire heart is boldly showcased in 3 straight thick round prongs to minimally show the perimeter of the stone and the 18K yellow gold. Minimalism sometimes makes a beautiful stone shine its best.
Created for a nurse, this floral inspired 8 petal scalloped halo has larger 2.4mm white diamonds surrounding a 1/4 carat center diamond. The upward swooping band has aqua blue diamonds bead set in the concave top, all in a rich 18K Italian yellow gold. It's nice to have a solid ring that won't trap moisture and is safe to wear with gloves.
Wedding band in 18K yellow gold with textured inside, precision parallel lines, and beveled edges. All the rings I make are comfort fit rounded on the inside so they feel good and don't trap moisture.
A treble clef with a peacock colored Tahitian pearl and purple diamonds gracefully formed in platinum. The pearl spins and rolls so the front and back of this pendant look equally good. Even if someone did not associate this pendant with music, it has a beautiful form.
Infinity symbol ring with aqua blue diamonds bead set under a natural hot pink sapphire heart. On the beveled edge are pink sapphires all set in a twisted white gold band. The ring has a feel of movement. It sits straight and balanced when worn and has the smoothness of fabric.
Platinum and 18K yellow gold give the best color contrast. This ring has hand made "S" shapes in opposite directions all around and framed in parallel straight lines. It looks even better when worn.
This halo pendant has raised corners that provide emphasis to the cushion shape. The round tanzanite looks bright in platinum with super bright diamonds.
Square cushion halo with raised corners. The blue sapphires are set and finished with mill grain edging. The band tapers from thin to thick and back to thin which points our eye towards the center diamond. All my rings are comfort fit and thick enough to never bend.
Stylized S ring exactly like his signature in 14K white gold with greater depth and dimension.
The hinges in the center are essential for this fun pendant to move and shake in a natural way. The clear rose quartz transparently shows the white gold lacy framework. The center stone is a grey spinel topped by a light colored tanzanite.
Art nouveau inspired curvilinear lines fold over each other in an open light balanced pattern. The diamond naturally floats in the center of the integrated design.
Platinum chisel texture ring with beveled edges.
The elves in Lord of the Rings were known for their craftsmanship and design. This Amethyst dagger pendant has beautifully sculpted white gold lacy lines and openwork. Topped by a white diamond it is inspired by Arwin’s evenstar necklace.
Platinum wedding set. This is a diamond engagement ring with the center stone just high enough to slip in the matching and fitting wedding band. There is a round yellow diamond set flush on all the outer corners of the squared wedding band which can be taken out and worn alone.
The astronomer's ring. These are 2 bent ellipses balanced fitted in opposite directions.
18K italian green gold cross with green tsavorite center and diamonds at the corners.
Oval diamond in a 4 prong hand made crown. Under the center stone is another diamond set inverted so the culets point precisely at each other. The 18K rose gold band is created in a kite shape with one round diamond culminating the end of the engraving lines. This beautiful ring is inspired by the well made Edwardian rings of 19th century.
A thin 4.00mm wide man's ring stepped edging with file finished top. Heavy comfort fit so it feels comfortable and will not bend.
This is a reversible pendant with a blue diamond on one side and a white diamond on the other. The 13mm Tahitian pearl glows with peacock colors. Topped with a fleur de liz motif, it portrays its classical French influences.
A rare bright purple sapphire is set in an open bezel setting surrounded by bead set diamonds graduating delicately down the band. 1/4 carat side diamonds balance this platinum engagement ring.
3 round sapphires set flush in 14K white gold with parallel lines cut into the edges. File finished top.
"The Waterfall" A perfect 14mm Tahitian peacock colored pearl is rolling down the waterfall. I love the texture which glistens like water. Very bold, dramatic lines help our eyes to take a more careful look. When we do, we're pleasantly surprised that the water is concave and each time we look from a different direction, the pearl seems to be moving. It is a nice optical illusion that is enhanced by the reflections. This is wearable art.
Neoclassical architecture has influenced the lines of this 18K green gold ladies ring. It has 3 rows of diamonds across the top, the center being square cut diamonds. The side of the band has 2 rows of diamonds of the same size leaving the center open. The band is squared off in my signature style with round diamonds in the corners.
18K yellow gold wire twisted in opposite directions give the center of this ring the optical illusion of opening or closing when spun around the finger. Platinum rounded outer band has a quality, heavy weight and feel.
18K yellow gold heavy gauge round wire open pendant showcases a heart shaped ruby with a tapered curled bail for the chain. Soft round minimal design is very modern and feminine. I find that most people either really like hearts or definitely don't.
I call this a "Ribbon Ring" because the inspiration is the smooth feel and look of fabric. I took a Christmas wrap ribbon with wire edges and bent it into a ring for an accurate shape then hand carved a model based on that with equal thickness. The end result is remarkable. A ring that is strong and soft. It is incredibly comfortable and fabric like. This has 9 diamonds burnish set in a random pattern.
Classic men's diamond ring in 18K rose gold with platinum bezel and engraved twist pattern.
A favorite sapphire pendant has a clean minimal bold showcase for the stone. Channel set bar at the top and 2 prongs at the sides, this is a very different way of setting the stone. A round diamond balances the look with a soft curl all the way down the back terminated in tiny white diamonds.
Diamond solitaire engagement ring with diamonds set on all 3 sides of the band. The custom made crown has diamonds on the prongs and the horizontal halo. All precision done in platinum around a 2.33 carat oval center diamond.
This is a remake of a classic wedding band but with the outer edging moved into the ring. The edging is now pressed into the metal so it will never wear off. This also leaves the band feeling smooth and comfortable.
50 The year of jubilee! The numbers are an exact replica of the husband’s hand writing done in 18K yellow gold for his wife, symbolizing 50 years of marital bliss and harmony.
Blue Zircon is the December birthstone and has the unusual quality of reflecting different colors of the rainbow like a diamond. In fact it looks very much like a blue diamond for a 10th of the cost! This soft diamond halo has a trim of metal protecting the diamond settings which I think is so important for the longevity of the ring. This trim is detailed with an edging called mill grain. The sides of the halo have round swirls and a blue accent diamond on opposite sides.
Diamond eternity band with randomly set sizes of round diamonds in a low dome with beveled edges. I've also made this ring with aqua blue diamonds which looks very handsome.
Art nouveau is artwork inspired by the natural organic lines of plants. This art nouveau pendant is light and airy, not heavy at all. The platinum and 18 Kgreen gold framework holds an 11 carat aquamarine. Care is always taken to incorporate the prongs so every part works together.
Asymmetrical ring design with a gentle curl holding in all the stones. Smooth curvilinear forms are all open and light. The center is a lavender colored 3.90 carat sapphire. 18K white gold.
18k round wire with no beginning or end placed in white gold. Low profile to feel comfortable all the time.
This minimal pendant shows the side of the emerald with graceful flowing lines. Minimal metal holds the 3 diamonds with precision balance all done in platinum.
Surfer girl ring has 2 exactly matched and opposite waves protecting a seafoam green tourmaline. The waves are open and curved under the stone like a cresting wave. Clean, simple, dynamic.
18K yellow gold outer band and platinum inside with pressed in edging pattern and matte finished top.
Whenever possible, it is good to re-use and re-cycle. This pendant is a good example of an unwearable vintage pin repurposed into a pendant. The diamond settings were in good shape. The swirl design protects the sharp edges and makes the piece softer and more wearable.
I specialize in making matching and fitting wedding bands even for an engagement ring I didn't make. Here is a wedding band that compliments the center diamond and is made with the exact same setting style and materials so that they look like they have always gone together.
18K yellow gold band with micro hammered texture, 3 old mine cut diamonds from a family ring. The ring is heat treated to a darkened gray color so as it wears the yellow will come threw. This ring was designed to change colors and enhance the longer the man wears it. Symbolically this wedding ring is meant to be worn a very long time and improve with age.
It is so nice to have 1 signature piece of jewelry that is worn everyday. This platinum and corn flower blue sapphire has oval diamonds on opposite sides. It is more fun and active to have the pendant move and articulate. Tiny diamonds in the prongs add sparkle. It is perfectly balanced and always lays correctly.
18K yellow gold "Handlebar Mustache Ring" 4 round diamonds are held in open curls. The princess cut diamond is set down in a double prong platinum setting to soften its corners and make it very wearable.
Wave signs. The engineer's ring. A double twist pattern made by overlapping 2 bands fitted inside a white gold frame. The recessed frame is textured to enhance the polished "wave bands". There are no beginnings or ends in this type of wave pattern. Each band is of a different frequency but both intersect nearly at their opposites. The engineer knows the name of those heights and troughs but I didn't pass that class!
The client found an aquamarine at Pala mines here in San Diego’s north county. I had the stone cut in an 8 sided octahedron shape. The pendant compliments the stone by following the perimeters. Very geometric in form. The stone is displayed nicely by leaving the sides open. Balanced by a channel of diamonds set at the top in white gold.
I see the Fibonacci sequence everywhere. It is balance in nature, a spiral, an arc, a trajectory, the natural flow of waves. It is beautiful. This ring is an infinity symbol and a spiral all formed around the central star a round diamond. The concave circle has pear shaped diamonds pointing towards the center. Perfect balance with movement is the golden ratio that makes this ring so simple and timelessly appealing.
One of my favorite rings! It is not too thick, very comfortable, has a masculine texture which catches the light giving the concave curve a sense of movement.
This is the most successful of my pendant designs. There have been many variations and improvements made upon it. This is the first rendition which was inspired by an infinity symbol, and the musician will immediately recognize a treble clef. Tanzanite and diamond are placed into the negative spaces so the wearer can see the stones from the sides.
We are always trying to put patterns together and make sense of the world around us. This ring makes sense of what we don't see, which is the air inside the ring where the negative space, the interior lines, form a cross. Our eye sees and follows the outside and interior lines. Here all the curves connect infinitely in a meaningful way. A small birthstone diamond symbolizing a child lost to the wearer is placed in the cross. Powerful symbolism.
18K rose gold is a warmer color that is not as coppery as 14K. I think it looks nicer on the skin. This file finished top does not easily wear off. A parallel pattern is lightly cut into the outer edges to give contrast. Inside the wife's birthstone, a blue diamond was set so only he and she knows of it.
The nicest stop light you’ll ever see! Tri- color diamonds in blue, purple and green are reflections of the colors naturally found in this peacock colored Tahitian pearl. The swirl in the back forms a nicely hidden bail for the chain and provides a contrast to the perfectly flat front with a bold and dramatic display of a perfect pearl.
The tall sinuous lines of gothic cathedrals are light and graceful. Here those lines are put to use again to hold the side diamonds at the ideal angle to complement the yellow sapphire. The horizontally set diamonds provides an architectural balance unifying the design.
Celtic knots are often times very busy and complicated. This ring has an expanded knot with the negative spaces all of the same sizes. All the rings I make are always finished inside and out equally well. That is critical in a man's ring like this which draws our eye in to see though it.
Light and delicate white gold cross uses vintage diamonds in their original settings. From a family inheritance it will be treasured forever.
Hot pink sapphire set in a V shaped open bezel setting. I love to integrate the stone setting as a unified design element of the ring. Here it is done at its most bold and simplistic way. Only 2 elements. Platinum and sapphire. The squared off euro shank balances the ring .
In Native American lore the white buffalo is the most sacred animal. Naturally, this was very meaningful to the client who commissioned me to hand carve an accurate image of 2 buffalos looking at a bald eagle. I was able to honor this client’s cultural heritage in a 2 tone masculine ring with his birthstone, a sapphire, in the center of the eagle.
This frame in 18K yellow gold works very well around this pear shaped pink tourmaline. Complimented and balanced by a singular diamond set in platinum. The large stone is displayed and hangs nicely from a chain that hangs at a perfect V shape.
Sinuous and smooth metal curves in flowing waves perfectly balanced in opposite directions. The rose gold curls in the opposite direction of the white gold wave which creates a dynamic tension. The center is an aquamarine with diamonds suspended with no prongs. The fluid motion of this design is brilliant and pleasing to the eye.
Maori tattoo ring. I'm very proud of this brand new ring concept. Here I hand engraved the fish hook patterns and then cast the ring in 18K rose gold. Then I heated the ring to naturally darken the surface to a metallic gray. The top has a file finished rough texture which gives it a very masculine look, feel, and color. Because the engraving is recessed it will not wear off making it long lasting.
Ancient Celtic in origin. This triad was etched into a grave stone symbolising Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The triangular cabochon amethyst fits well with this very old design. The metal is German silver which is textured and patinated to look authentically old.