What is Your Style

Discovering what a client prefers in jewelry design is an exercise in listening. Sometimes it is just as helpful to hear what that person doesn't like when they are unsure of what they do like. As we talk through your preferences and what inspires you, we often will uncover specific jewelry interests such as non diamond engagement rings, conflict free jewelry, responsible diamonds, ring trade ins, and specialty jewelry to accompany others items such as a bracelet or earrings to match a ring.

Custom Jewelry Design Process

I follow a simple and transparent design process, so you can observe and approve your jewelry creation step-by-step. I provide complete quality control from start to finish. The jewelry studio is designed so you can watch me set your valuable stones, if you wish. I have a large selection of gemstones (gemstone provider) and can provide diamonds at wholesale prices.

First – Consider Ideas. Browse our jewelry styles and jewelry design e-tablet as shown in the video above. Bring your own ideas also, and we can discuss your inspirations. Clients often commemorate an important event not only with what looks good but with a concept, a mood, or a theme that resonates from a very personal perspective. It is important to discuss and include that in the design. I will ask you some questions and present creative ideas along the way. If you have a ring trade in or other jewelry to use for the new jewelry, we can assess and appraise jewelry at this point.

Second – Design. Next we define the jewelry design and gemstones or diamonds to include. We discuss if you have any requests for specific types of ethical conflict free gems or responsible diamonds. We create a visual drawing or composition with you sitting there, to show you how it will look. I then create the jewelry model in wax, which you may try on and approve or change.

Third – Create. After you are happy with and approve the design, I create the jewelry in the studio. See more details about setting jewelry diamonds and gemstones and watching the process on our FAQ page.

Finale – The Presentation. The final step, the presentation to clients of the final completed jewelry, is one of the most rewarding parts of the jewelry design process, when the client exclaims “Oh,…WOW!” when they see, feel, and put on their special jewelry for the first time. Big smiles and happy tears often follow. Client satisfaction is what it is all about!

Jewelry Style Types

I have developed 5 primary jewelry style types which are fairly well defined and within them are variations which can be better refined. Along with pictorial examples I listen to the customer key words. I've found many people want jewelry either perfectly balanced or asymmetrical – either petite and dainty or bold and dramatic – either the newest daring look or a classic well tailored appearance.

Here are my 5 jewelry style types:

Jewelry by Design Classic Ring


A quality look that is timelessly good yesterday, today and tomorrow. Balanced, dainty, petite, detailed with minimal metal work.

Jewelry by Design Organic Pendant


A softer flowing line inspired by the natural curves of sails, ribbons or vines. Not necessarily balanced but having movement. Also called art nouveau.

Jewelry by Design Sculptural Ring


A dynamic work of art on your hand. Each detail is carefully chosen for dramatic effect. Great attention to tailored well refined lines. Clean and high polished.

Jewelry by Design Balanced Ring

Balancing Act

Asymmetrical, it has a feeling of movement. Odd numbers of stones or elements with different shapes.

Jewelry by Design Fashion Forward Ring

Fashion Forward

Young and daring to try the newest style. Not following what has been done but setting the course with new ideas in color, texture, and shape. It is always getting updated. Makes a statement about the wearer and what they like without being pretentious.

Jewelry By Design